We work with ambitious young people
to change the world.

FMN is a global community of the world’s most curious, passionate and driven people that want to make an impact.

“If young people are the future leaders of tomorrow, why aren’t we training them for the future today?”

“I wanted to teach the skills I wish I had growing up.”

FMN was founded on the belief that young people can achieve far more than we think, and if we work in tandem with young people we can unlock the full potential of humanity to solve the world’s toughest problems.

Prior to FMN, Nathaniel learnt from the best startup accelerators in Australia, consulted for non-for-profits and advised high-performing teenpreneurs across the globe.

Our Beliefs

FMN was built on these fundamental core beliefs which shape our organisation.
  • Young people can achieve more than we think.
  • The greatest gift to humanity is the ability to learn.
  • We can embrace new ways of thinking to solve new worlds of problems. 

Problems we work with students to solve.

Here are some key areas we think are important. Many are waiting to be solved by the next generation of people who care about the future of humanity. At FMN, we believe that society can’t sit around and wait for someone to solve problems. There needs to be intention in training young people to learn to solve big problems starting young.

Our Team

We’re on a mission to help young people shape a better future. These are the legends behind the scenes working with FMN.

Our Supporters

Sam Shlansky

CEO of Marco Polo Project | VMC Excellence Award Youth Winner

Sakshi Thakur

CEO at Humanism Global | Senior Associate at YLab Global | Masters of Entrepreneurship at Wade Institute 

Jeanette Cheah

CEO at The Hacker Exchange | G20 Young Entrepreneurs