Drum Roll Please … And the Winners Are?

Author: Future Minds Network – Caryna Ha


Coming into FutureHack, we knew that we were going to see something special, but we could never have anticipated the caliber of pitches presented by our #teenpreneurs. Even with limited time and the restrictions of COVID in place, they were a 


Incubating Ingenuity at FutureHack

Author: Future Minds Network – Caryna Ha


With over 130 young people split into 25 diverse and unbelievably talented groups getting involved, participants quickly had the chance to interact with incredible mentors with invaluable experiences spanning across the entire entrepreneurial world.

Why I can’t sleep tonight

Author: Future Minds Network – Nathaniel Diong


Let’s set the record straight, being an entrepreneur definitely doesn’t solve all of these problems. And the end goal isn’t actually to become one. Rather, in the process, it’s about learning key enterprise skills like structured problem-solving, communication and harnessing creativity and innovation that