We all want the best for our students. But what can we do when more than 50% of young people will end up in jobs that don’t exist yet? 


Over two weeks, we’ll future-proof your students through entrepreneurship. They’ll get hands-on, build their own businesses and learn from award-winning entrepreneurs, innovators and investors.


They get all the personal and career development, whilst discovering their own passions. 


Students will:

  • Learn to work as a high-performing team
  • Practise intentional and purposeful leadership
  • Apply design thinking to harness creativity and build innovative ideas
  • Learn how to manage their finances and monetise passions through a business model canvas
  • Craft and deliver a pitch to business thought-leaders
  • Discover career pathways and essential skillsets in the impact and startup sector
  • Build strong networks with business leaders, other ambitious youth and even investors


Usman Iftikhar
Usman is an award-winning entrepreneur with 10 years of diverse experiences in for-profits and not-for-profits in multiple countries. He is also the CEO of Catalysr, empowering migrant and refugee startup founders to create a better future for themselves and Australia.
Also the 2018 Commonwealth Young Person of the Year and Stanford Grad, his futuristic outlook on life and effective mentoring style has helped 1000’s discover meaningful employment.
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Emilee Freeman
Emilee is an experienced founder and the COO of Future Isle. She’s also the former CEO of Oaktree Tasmania (largest youth-led anti-poverty organisation with over 200,000 members).
She’s known for her systematic approach to problem-solving, ability to set achievable goals and help students across Australia to do the same.
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Chris Naoumidis
Chris is a veteran entrepreneur who has pitched from Melbourne, Australia to Silicon Valley. At Mindset Health, they’re building consumer digital therapeutics for chronic health conditions. He’s even graduated from YCombinator, the same startup program that produced Airbnb, Reddit, Dropbox and more.
One of the friendliest people on the planet, Chris is a great mentor with a laser focus on helping people communicate better and better understand their customers.
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“The opportunity was like no other, especially for young people, wanting to leave a lasting, positive impact on the world for generations to come. FutureHack really helped put everything in perspective and taught me a new approach to problem-solving when experimenting with my own business ideas that tackled real problems.”


– Karthik Murali, 2018 Alumni