We offer a number of programs to high schools and universities across Australia. These include:


1 – 2 hour workshops that help students understand skills they need for the future



Topics can range from

  • Entrepreneurship as a career
  • How to build professional relationships around your passion
  • Creativity 101
  • Leading with purpose

🛠 Build-a-thons

Two-week hackathons that help students build their own businesses. They’ll get to work in teams, create their first prototype, and embrace innovation in the products/services they come up with.

They’ll practice key skills like:

  • Extended problem-solving
  • Pitching & Communication
  • Teamwork & Collaboration
  • Harnessing Creativity

🚀 Bootcamps

Semester-long experience that gives students the space to ideate, validate and launch real businesses.



They’ll get to learn everything in the build-a-thon and more:

  • Cognitive flexibility
  • Conflict resolution
  • Research & Customer Discovery
  • Analytical Thinking & Competitive Analysis


Our programs leverage the Top 5 Skills needed for the Future of Work.

  1. Creativity – connecting the dots with different information to present something ‘new’.

  2. Emotional intelligence – tuning into human emotions, and understanding changes in our behaviour.

  3. Complex problem solving – solving novel, multi-faceted problems in complex, real-world environments.

  4. Judgement and decision making – analysing and processing insights, to inform better strategic decisions.

  5. Cognitive flexibility – switching between thinking about multiple concepts simultaneously.