With such a jam-packed curriculum, sometimes we don’t have time to incorporate all the job-ready skills too. Even with time, you can’t study to harness a skill like creativity. It takes practice.



With the help of our world-class creatives and facilitators, we tap into these unique human skills through hands-on learning, movement and challenging perspectives.


Each workshop focuses on a particular human skill:
  • Growth mindset – Entrepreneurship as a career pathway, what does it take?
  • Communication – How to build professional relationships around your passion
  • Innovation 101 – Unlocking your inner creative
  • Leadership – Leading with purpose


Crimson Education (APAC): Hustling in High School

Communication & Networking



Topics covered included:

  • Understanding the power of LinkedIn
  • Why your voice matters to professionals now more than ever
  • What to include in your LinkedIn profile (and what to leave out!)
  • How to make your profile look professional as a student
  • The first 10 connections you should make
  • How to grow your network beyond other students
  • Tips to make sure you keep using your LinkedIn profile
  • Students share their top tips for LinkedIn success

Hacking COVID19

Innovation 101 – Unlocking your inner creative



Topics covered included:

  • Using empathy to create more engaging ideas

  • Learning complex problem solving and exploring challenges human first

  • Discovering confidence to explore new ideas

  • Finding resilience and embracing failure

  • Gaining insight into innovation practice and how to exceed customer needs